We know we aren’t just potatoes here!  We don’t sit around like a “couch potato” that’s for sure! However, It may seem at times that we are dragging around an extra 2-3 sack of potatoes everyday.  Its about time to put those sack of potatoes to good use and use them to train for the Push 5k!  Before they can tie on a good pair of running shoes for themselves, a good little running stroller with good wheels will teach those little spuds that their momma’s understand the value of putting in the miles. We don’t have to leave them home anymore, they can see and participate in the fun!052A0201

Here at Push 5k, we  specifically wanted a race where our little spuds could actually see what we enjoy…RUNNING!  And Why? So they will enjoy RUNNING too!

So come and join the fun and push, walk, run with us at Ann Morrison Park in Boise Idaho, Saturday, July 26th at the first Push 5k!